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Kimochis Go Camping

            Camping trips provide an amazing opportunity for families to connect. Kids have new experiences that create lifelong memories. All of the excitement and memories can create some awfully BIG Kimochis. The Kimochis® characters on Kimochis® Way have come up with a few camping activities to help families connect and manage some of the BIG Kimochis that can get in the way of camping fun.


Camping First Aide: Scraped knees and bug bites require good old fashioned Red Cross First Aide. BUT, the BIG Kimochis that arise due to excitement, accidents, unmet expectations or sibling squabbles require Kimochis® First Aide. These moments offer a parenting opportunity to talk through feelings with our kids. Label what you see your child is feeling and ask them if you are correct. Validate what they are feeling and ask them what they would like to do about it. Do they need a little TLC from their Kimochis® character? Using their Kimochis® character have your child act what happened, what they are feeling and what they would like  to do.


Kimochis® Campfire:  Sometimes we have SILLY feelings. Sometimes it’s FUN to feel a little SCARED. And, sometimes it feels really good to tell LOVING stories about our family. While sitting around the campfire, share SILLY, SCARY, and LOVING stories with each other. Be sure to share why they made you feel that way.


Kimochis® Camping Sleep Remedy: “WHAT WAS THAT?” Sleeping in a tent is lots of FUN, but it can also be scary. There are lots of new sounds when you sleep outside, and sometimes it can be kind of hard to sleep.  Lovey Dove suggests that you make a cup of chamomile tea and talk with your kid about the different noises they are hearing. Label what the sounds may be to take the scariness out of them. Together, label what it means to BRAVE and adventurous. Tuck BRAVE, SLEEPY, LOVED into your child’s Kimochis® character before tucking them in to their sleeping bag.


Enjoy your family camping fun! Connect! Communicate! Play!