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Kimochis Celebrate!


Holiday celebrations like the 4th of July are lots of FUN. Picnics, family, friends, swimming and games are very EXCITING. And, FIREWORKS! They are so cool, and they can be really LOUD. Kids have lots of fun on the 4th of July, but they can also feel overwhelmed and a little SCARED by fireworks. Kids have a strong sense of dignity. Help your child save face by talking about his BIG Kimochis away from all the fun. Give your child a chance to tell you how they are feeling about fireworks. Talk about BRAVE, EXCITED & SCARY feelings. Have them tuck BRAVE and EXCITED into their Kimochis® character’s pocket and bring their character with them to watch the fireworks. Together make up a secret signal that your child can share with you if the fireworks become too much. Have Fun! Celebrate!