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Coaching With Kimochis


In honor of the 2012 London Olympics, we are PROUD to share ideas for coaching kid’s teams with Kimochis®. Kimochis® CFO, Rodger Kobayashi, used the Kimochis® Feelings with the 3rd grade basketball team that he coached. Before practice began, Rodger passed around the Feelings from the Mixed Feelings Bag to learn how team members felt about their sport and how the season was going. Each team member took a turn selecting a Feeling(s) and sharing why they chose it. This was a very positive exercise in COMMUNICATION, TEAM BUILDING, and CONNECTION. Rodger’s team members selected:

BRAVE: “For going out and playing.”

SAD: “Because it was the end of the season.”

KIND: “Because teammates have been kind to each other.”

LEFT OUT: “Because I felt I didn’t get the ball very often.”

Learning from each other how they felt about their team and sport helped Rodger’s players connect and play better as a team. How could your team grow and improve with this exercise?

Coaching 5th Grade Girls Volleyball Using the Kimochis® Keys to Communication