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Responding to Connecticut

Connect and Communicate.

Tragedies are sadly a powerful ingredient to connect and reconnect people.

Amidst a tragedy, everyone seems to see and feel a common thread—we all love our families and friends. And, most of us wish that life weren’t as busy and complicated so that we could have more time with the people we love.

Anyone reading this is most likely feeling heavy-hearted and looking for a way to help the families and friends of the Connecticut tragedy. It is so human and beautiful to see all the ways that people are reaching out to give comfort, service and support. People are also checking in with the state of their own relationships and lives. As a result of this “feeling check-in,” many people are slowing down, taking a moment, making more eye contact, really listening, making amends, giving extra hugs, deciding to rebalance work and home, and wearing out the words, “I love you.” Sadly, however, it is human nature to let the feelings that helped us slow down and reconnect wear off. Eventually we resume a pace that, once again, has us feeling less connected to what truly matters. The Kimochis® family is taking a personal challenge to slow down and put our cell phones down when we are with our children and those we love. With this simple act, maybe we can keep the feeling of connection alive and focus on what truly matters. We invite you to join us. We believe this can be an active way to pay tribute to all the lives that were devastatingly lost in Connecticut. We also are committed to continuing our mission, with even stronger motivation, to get Social and Emotional Learning to be a part of the Common Core Standards in Education in our country.  It is time to teach our children how to communicate. Join us in advocating for the 4th R—Reading, Writing, Arithmetic and RELATIONSHIPS.

The Kimochis Feelings for Schools

Build a positive school climate and culture…one feeling at a time! The Kimochis® Feelings are a powerful tool for principals, teachers, school counselors, speech language pathologists, therapists, school psychologists and all school staff members.

Feelings fuel behavior, and all behaviors are communication. This downloadable PDF gives educators the tools to use the Kimochis® Feelings to:
•  Build emotional vocabulary and social-emotional fluency
•  Guide individual children through emotional moments
•  Use a Restorative Practices model to guide two or more children through conflicts
•  Add fun, team-building activites to staff meetings
•  Give students fun, communication-oriented brain breaks 
•  Introduce social and emotional learning in a quick and easy way

Use thisFREE downloadable with the Kimochis Mixed Bag of Feelings or individual Mixed Feelings Packs. Learn more at

How to use Kimochis?

CONNECT with your kids by recognizing feelings and learning to anticipate situations that can trigger emotional - or Ki-motional- reactions.

COMMUNICATE using a calm tone of voice and relaxed body language to help your child know what to say and do when feelings arise. 

CREATE a comfortable environment for Ki-motional conversation and play. 

PRACTICE communicating feelings with your family and friends. Help children catch themselves during emotional moments by giving a secret “try that again” signal such as a knowing look, head nod, wink, or gentle “uh-oh” sound. 

Take A Kimochis Moment (TKM)

Our natural brain and body reactions can be one major challenge to using the Keys to Kimochis® Communication during emotional moments. “Our bodies all have a general alarm mechanism. This mechanism is used to mobilize your body so that it can effectively cope with emergency situations. According to Dr. John Gottman, it is called Diffuse Physiological Arousal (DPA for short). In situations that are perceived as “dangerous” or “threatening”, DPA turns off the part of your brain that are logical and rational and triggers your “fight” or “flight” mechanism. In this state, we only hear and see signals of danger, nothing else. It’s harder to problem-solve or think logically and we are more likely to attack or be verbally defensive. Empathy and creativity fly out the window, along with our positive communication skills. 

When you feel yourself beginning to lose control, Take a Kimochis Moment (TKM) to cool down and regain your composure. You and your kids will thank you for it.